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How I Created a Successful Sports Blog

Before we get into any details, I want to tell you right off the bat: being a blogger is not easy. There is a misconception about blogging that you can just sit anywhere you want and you can churn out great content. Yes, you have the flexibility to work from home or anywhere you want. But that is not the point. Blogging is a challenge, and constantly having to come up with great content that your audience will enjoy is not easy at all. And that is why I want to tell you about how I managed to create a successful blog site.

There are so many guides out there about blogging and how to start your own site. One of the guides that I liked a lot is located here I find that it is one of those guides where you are getting the information in a straightforward and comprehensive way. There is no suggestion about using one service or another – it is just factual information that you can use to make a decision on your own. That being said, it is time to talk about the steps that I took to ensure that my site was successful and profitable.

The challenge for those who want to make money blogging is that you have to start with the opposite mindset. The first year of blogging was a time where I barely made $100 off my site because I did not even make an effort to monetize it. Now before you think that I was being lazy, it is the opposite. I had a plan. I wanted to do this for the right reasons, and I wanted my audience to see that. I wanted them to know that I loved the sports I was writing about, and that I loved sharing my thoughts with them.

When a year passed, I found that I had more than 10,000 hits on most of my blog posts. That is when I decided to make a change and incorporate ads and sponsorships into my blog. But again, I was very careful. I wanted to make sure that any ads I was putting up were not intrusive, and were interesting to my readers. And when it came to sponsorships, I only took money from companies whose products I supported and enjoyed. This ensures that my blog remains authentic, which is so important.

Another thing that I would warn you about is getting complacent. When you have a decent audience, it is easy to think they will read whatever you write. But the reality is they want you to give them more – and they expect more each time. And that is what you must expect out of yourself. Each blog post should be better than the previous one you wrote. If you are not improving, then you are doing it wrong. Never put out a blog just for the sake of it. You have to ensure that you did a good job, and that you are saying something meaningful with the post.