Raising Fashion Forward Pup

Spoiling your dog is as much an American pastime these days as apple pie and baseball. People have developed all sorts of interesting ways to show their four legged friends that they care. From making homemade peanut butter treats to hunting down the best leather dog collars, in many cases, our dogs are living more pampered lives than the average human was a century or two ago.

A collar is typically a dog’s only real piece of “clothing”; according to scientists it’s kind of like his necklace, hat, and shirt all rolled into one.

Ok, a scientist never said that. That would be silly.

The point is, for most puppers, a collar is the only real chance they have to show off their mind for high fashion. From the tried and true spiked “bad boy” collar to the typical “good boy” nylon, there is no shortage of collar options. My favorite, however, and the one that really makes the difference between a ‘fab’ or a ‘drab’ doggo, is the leather collar. There is no agreement on what is the best leather dog collar, but it is hard to argue against the aesthetic quality of a golden lab with a two-toned brown and cream colored leather accessory.

Leather has a number of benefits outside of its aesthetic qualities. A soft leather will be naturally more comfortable and less prone to digging into your dog’s skin if they are pulling hard against a leash, while still remaining durable. Leather can be a bit bulkier, but the increased surface area makes it less likely to choke and harm when tugged on – it also provides a comfortable and fetching option for big dogs who run the risk of breaking the more flimsy materials.

best leather dog collars

Most leather collars will be handmade and stitched as well, so the overall quality and toughness and typically much higher than many of the alternatives. If you opt for a good brand – which are actually surprisingly inexpensive for something that will last your little buddy so much time – you will likely be very pleased with the results.

Leather has its drawbacks, mostly in the weathering category, but some steps can be taken to avoid any major issues. While rain will typically damage leathers, you can treat or prep the collar to resist water. Rubbing the collar down with mink oil can go a long way towards waterproofing against light to medium rainfall. As long as you have a backup non-leather collar for those trips to the beach or river, you should be okay.

So if your puparooni is looking to make waves on the catwalk (could we call it a dog-walk?) sometime soon, then may I suggest a stunning piece of leather to wow the crowd. Tough, beautiful and with a ton of options. I personally like the Soft Touch Collar brand – they look great and are handmade to suffer through everything your dog can throw at it. Thanks to his Soft Touch collar, my Lab looks better than me on most outings nowadays.

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